Sound Library

Welcome to DaHipHopMix Sound Library

This DHHM Sound Library will contain a variety of sample packs, tracks from our catalog, and full song samples.

We will be providing quite a few things here, but to start we will be adding our slightly older catalog of music that has been used in MTV Cribs Episodes (MT CR104, MT CR109, MT CR111, MT CR114). This is OUTPUT MEDIA Disc 1, and OUTPUT MEDIA Disc 2, which has yet to be used in production.

I will also be doing the Beat of the Week series.  This will be 52 weeks of new tracks added to the Output Media catalog with a variety of styles in Hip Hop production.  It will also include some EDM/Dance style tracks as well.  Thank you for your support and please tell your friend about our site.

Thank you! Obrigado!