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Artist and Producer – Michael Hensen has culminated a list of top 5 free plug’ins and Top 5 Waves Plug-ins for use in Hip Hop production.

Bass Extreme – Michael Hensen uses Ren Bass to enhance drum samples

DaHipHop Mix recently spent sometime talking with Producer and Artist Michael Hensen about what he uses to maximize, or get the most out of his percussion kits.   It was no surprise to find out that he uses a culmination of techniques. Specifically for bass enhancement and pushing your drums samples to the max he uses […]

Plug-in Feature : T. Parker’s goto channel strip EQ

DaHipHop mix recently caught up with Hampton Roads producer and mix engineer Tarane Parker to talk about one of his favorite all around plug-ins for use in a variety of mixing and production situations.   It was no surprise to hear that Waves SSL-G EQ was what he selected.   It has a variety of uses in […]

Top 5 Free Plug-ins

Top 5 Free Plug-in’s When mixing in the box plug-in’s have become essnetial for achieving that high end studio sound.  Waves and Slate Digital have been some of the leaders in the market over the last 10 years.  What top’s the list for me is a bass enhancement plug-ins.  I have for years used Ren […]