Sample Albums – WIW, WISWB!

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What It Was, What It Someday Will Be!

The beginnings of Hip Hop and urban music production started with DJ’s and true Emcee’s. During that early era, came the mashing of other cool urban groups and sounds. Mowtown was no stranger to early Hip Hop sampling along with many other early 50’s and 60’s artists. Orginally I wanted to include albums that I thought were the best of albums to think about using for modern day sampling and use in Hip Hop production, however I decided to just take a look at some random albums as well as selections of older artists I like.

I am not sure if I may be allowed to record and post these samples on the site to make them available if they are currently being used in productions, but I would love to find out if its possible to do so to give back to the the music community. My thoughts would be, that it should be ok as long as if any of these samples would be cleared before use in an actual sellable production. If anyone who catches this article knows what’s up, please shoot me a message and let me know so I can see about getting some of these original album samples posted so that you all can use them.

That said, here are my picks that I choose for modern day sampling and Hip Hop production use. I would love to hear and see some album covers in the comments section and maybe I could see able getting access to those samples as well.

The Albums

The Gap Band, Gap Band 2 album

Blondie, Rapture album

This is Amii Stewarts, Knock on Wood album even though it’s in a Mowtown Sleave. It’s to let me know, it rocked.

Marvin Gaye’s – Midnight Love is another classic album with a real old school soul feel. Definitely on the radar for good sample material.