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DaHipHop mix recently caught up with Hampton Roads producer and mix engineer Tarane Parker to talk about one of his favorite all around plug-ins for use in a variety of mixing and production situations.   It was no surprise to hear that Waves SSL-G EQ was what he selected.   It has a variety of uses in carving out the frequencies that you are looking to highlight in your mix for both subtractive equalization and boosting. Often the Waves SSL EQ’s both E and G series are used to help give that sheen and polish to a mix.  Let’s hear what T. Park had to say about his goto plug-in of the week.

Tarane Parker on the Waves SSL-G EQ

When I set out to produce or create a track, the goal in mind is to create something that is simple but has substance. I carry that same thought process with me when I am in the mixing process of the songs I have produced. One of my go to plug-ins that exhibits the way I think is the WAVES SSL G-Equalizer. It is simple yet it adds substance to the mix. I especially like to use it in my vocal chain.

This four band EQ is simple and easy to use. The Low Frequency (LF) section allows me to remove some of the low frequencies that do not sit well in vocals. I use it a lot when I am mixing female vocalists. I usually cut some of the Low Mid Frequency (LMF) out as well to make room and not have some of the instrument frequencies that sit in the LMF ranges clash with the vocals. That is the simplicity part that I like about this particular plug-in. The substance part comes in beginning with the High Frequency. This is where I find the sweet spot of the vocal. I like my vocals to sound a little airy. Boosting the high frequency, a little on this band gives me what I am looking for. Once that is established, I adjust the High Mid Frequency a little just to push the vocal to the edge.

Overall the SSL G-Equalizer is a great plug-in to have in your arsenal. Its transparency and response is
bold. The design is simplistic and easy to use and also easy to get used to. This will always be my go-to plug in for vocal prowess in my vocal chain. I will always use this plug-in first prior to making any other decisions in the mix when it comes to vocals.

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