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I am writing the excerpt today because I recently was on one of the Facebook Groups centered around Songwriting and Production.  After visiting the group I saw a post of a video from a guy who was doing what might have been a diss track.  What I saw, was how the youth and especially in foreign countries look at Hip Hop in a way that in less then respectable.

It kind of offended me because I felt like I was watching what 3rd world countries interpret as the state of Hip Hop in the US and how it affects our cultural landscape.  To me, Hip Hop has always been about the freedom of one expressing themselves but in way that was contributing in someway to society and impacting people in an uplifting way.  Maybe groups like NWA, and Too Live Crew have exploited Hip Hop in a sense for its ability to reach the masses with somewhat controversal subject matter.  However I remember groups like Run DMC, LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, De la Soul, and many others who used Hip Hop to send political and sociological messages to the people and helped close the gap on cultural differences.

Attending this group, and examining some of the posts I could tell that they were more into some of these millennial joke ass Hip Hop artists who appear to just be flashes in the pan so to speak.  It’s only the true Hip Hop / Rap pioneers and trendsetters that have come along and made a lasting impact on the world and have stuck around for more then a decade.

To me, this is what true Hip Hop is about. Being vibrant, cool and eclectic and bringing a message that somehow brings us closer together and also reminds us of the things in society and abroad that can be better.  I will always think of Hip Hop this way, as it’s the way Hip Hop impacted me growing up.  Not only that but its also showed me that there is an alternative way to express anger and discontent in a way that is not only informative but also seemed to have a positive impact.  When you think of early Hip Hop and how street dancing, or break dancing evolved you can sense the direct correlation of what I am referring to.

For anyone who thought that I was a questionable when it comes to music production and my influences in music whether it be modern rock, pop, r&B, hip hop or dance – I am hoping now you can tell, I’m pretty genuine.  And its just the way I still expect Hip Hop, Rock and Pop music to be.

So, what are you thoughts about this?  Leave a comment below.

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