Top 5 Free Plug-ins

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Top 5 Free Plug-in’s

When mixing in the box plug-in’s have become essnetial for achieving that high end studio sound.  Waves and Slate Digital have been some of the leaders in the market over the last 10 years.  What top’s the list for me is a bass enhancement plug-ins.  I have for years used Ren Bass by Waves on almost all of my production.   Many people don’t realize but between a Gate and / or Ren Bass you can pretty much take any kick drum sample and bring it to a level of professional production quality.  I will probably do a tutorial on that soon which can be found under – In The Studio.

1.  Waves Factory – SK-10 Bass Enhancement Plug-in

All that aside my secondary or even sometimes primary kick/bass enhancement plug-in goes to SK10.  This amazing plug-in add’s tons of low end to almost any sample.  This can easily take a weak kick drum and bring it up to a level of low end that maybe before seemed missing.  However this killer plug-in can also be used in conjunction with bass VST’s.  Helping to round out a thinner lower end.  I’ve noticed over the years some bass guitar VST’s or even bass modules still need thickening in the 30 – 80 htz category sometimes.    Besides Ren Bass, this is a great alternative for doing the same.

Check out this video link to see SK-10 action in the studio:


2.  AVR Audio’s : AGML II – Acoustic Guitar VST

This plug-in gets amazing acoustic guitar sounds like no other plug-in.  The unbelievable thing is that it’s FREE! I remember scouring the internet looking for plugin’s for acoustic guitars.  Originally I came across NI’s Acoustic Guitar Sampler i believe which is also amazing.  However, I never knew there was a free version of an AG vst until recently. This is a plug-in I plan on using on several R&B tracks where I need to replace guitars.


3.  Native Instruements – Guitar Rig 5 

Guitars are a big part of modern rock mixes and as well as many other genre’s that utilize guitars.  I have found that Guitar Rig 5 does an amzing job only because it contains several different Amp models, Cabinet types and also alot of extra effects including Wah, Digitial Delay, Compressors, Phaser, Flangers and tons more.  This plug-in is packed with all kind of ability to get the guitar tones you are looking for.  All while you mix in the box and record direct.  No external amp is needed, however if you record into a good mic pre, power amp, or other type of input source your tone can take a step up in the sonic pallet.  Guitar Rig 5 Player does have some limitations, but you can always purchase the full version of Guitar Rig 5 from NI, it will be completely worth it!


4.  TDR Feedback Compressor II or Kotelnikov Compressor

Both of these compressor’s are amazing if you are looking for good compressors that provide a somewhat transparent result.  These are a definitely an upgrade from your DAW stock compressors although most DAW compressors are great too. (I use FL Studio 20, and I find these to be quite better then FL’s stock)   However these are strait digital models and are the original compressor models with solid characteristics and controls.  I highly recommend downloading these as a secondary compressor set to your current plugin bundle and you may find that these Toyko Dawn beauties are exactly what you were looking for.


Finally we are coming to the last plug-in of the group.  It’s hard to pick what I would choose next, so I will be doing a follow up article on set 2 of the 5 Free plug-ins offered online.   Be looking out also for the additional top 5 Waves Plug-ins I use on almost every record.

5.   TDR NOVA – Equalizer

This was a hard selection, as in I normally wouldn’t select 2 from the same company, but you need a good channel EQ and especially one with a great interface to cut and boost the right frequencies in your mix.  This is an exceptional EQ and reminds me alot of Fab-Filters EQ and also the Waves Q series Equalizers.  That said, this is a great addition to your new Free Plugin Bundle.  You may want to check out the TDR website for additional plugins to purchase as everything they make looks, sounds and feels nice.


Well that’s it guys, I really appreciate you checking out this page and also becoming a fan of our site.  We would love to hear from you.  Let me know what kind of other gems you would like me to drop.

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