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The original Hip Hop artist’s and DJ’s were always known to be super creative using some the most analogues technologies.  Some of these things would include turn-tables, the SP1200, and a variety of live DJ consoles.  We have come full circle in someways as some DJ’s have reverted back to the use of turntables and versions in the digital realm that are very similar in style.  Even some plugin’s have been designed to help emulate older sounds.

Here is a little nugget :  

The Free Plugin from Izotope is really great and perfect for emulation of old records.   The team at M-audio being fans of older music developed the Vinyl plugin to simulate the various sonic characteristics of older gear.  Today this plugin and others like it can be used on the sub-mix or mix bus and either side chained or added variably to the mix.  This can also be used in live applications as well, but just remember you need the processing power to handle these types of things on the fly.  A good computer to consider would be any of the newer generation i7 computers with at the bare minimum being 4 to 8 cores.  This should handle such tasks during live DJ applications.

That plugin can be found here:

M-Audio Vinyl Plug-in

So, as an introduction I wanted to offer something that can help new era DJ’s and offer something that can inspire you to take things back in the digital realm.  My reason for creating this first post was to introduce a series of albums that influenced Hip Hop, as well as suggesting old albums for sampling idea’s in new productions.  Thank you for your support and be on the look out for a series of articles on records related to sampling and music creation.



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