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Marcella Araica – Mix artist, Production and Label representative.

Marcella Araica, a name associated with acts such as Missy Elliot, Timbo and a variety of others artists has been mixing now for quite a few years.  Not exactly your goto mix engineer when thinking about Hip Hop production but she is definitely a jewel in the rough.  Working for years under Timbo’s mentorship, she has proven herself again and again in the world of urban music production and mixing.  She original got her chops working in the studio at Full Sail University in Miami.  She was introduced to Timbo there and found an immediate connection to music, mixing and urban music production.  I would love to tell you I know ton’s about her, but I’ve only recently learned of her involvement with several big label projects.  However I do know that she is now a label head of NARS records and currently looking for new talent to add to her label.  She is currently working with an artist known as Luke James under a joint label effort with NARS records (New Age Rock Stars) and Island Records.  His most recent track was “I WANT YOU” and more music is currently production under NARS records.

She met with the people over at WAVES, and here is what she had to say:

Currently not sure where NARS records stands, but we wanted to take notice of Marcella Araica work and thank her for being part of the community that is producing great music.

Here is a link to NARS twitter if you’d like to find out or connect directly:

NARS Twitter Account


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